投票日期:即日起至2018年12月7日23:59 (GMT+8)止

" Who is the GOC 2018 Champion"

Voting date: From now until 23:59 (GMT+8) on December 7, 2018.

1st Prize: Intel Core i9-9900K(1piece)
2nd prizes: GALAX HOF Link idol(10 pieces)
3rd prizes: GALAX GOC 2018 commemorative clothes(10 pieces)

* The picture is for reference only, everything is subject to the real thing.
1. 投票日期: 即日起至2018年12月7日23:59 (GMT+8)止。
2. 每人只限投一票,每人只限获得一份奖品。
3. 所有投票结果一切以主办方系统统计为准。
4. 奖品安排最终以主办方决定为准。
5. 得獎者將會由投票選中GOC 2018總冠軍中抽出。
6. 是次活动欢迎全球人士(仅接受11岁或以上)参加。
7. 得奖者需要提供个人联络数据,数据只用作是次活动安排及联络用途。
8. 奖品不得转售他人、不获退款、兑换现金、兑换其他产品及优惠。
9. 主办方恕不负责有奖品之责任。任何有关奖品的申索、投诉或纠纷应由有关产品供货商户负责。
10. 参加是次投票活动即表示同意参与并遵守主办方安排。
11. 如有任何争议,主办方拥有最终决定权。
12. 本条款的中英文版本如有歧义,概以中文版本为准。

1. Voting date: From now until 23:59 (GMT+8) on December 7, 2018.
2. Each person is limited to one vote,Only one prize per personcanget.
3. All voting results are subject to the statistics of the organizer system.
4. The prize arrangement will ultimately be made according to the final decision of the organizer.
5. The winners will be selected by who had voted the GALAX GOC 2018 champion.
6. The event welcomes all from different countries (only 11years old or above).
7. Winners are required to provide personal contact information. The information is only used for the event arrangement and contact purposes.
8. Prizes cannot be resold to others, no refunds, redemption of cash, redemption of other products and offers.
9. The organizer is not responsible for the prizesissue. Any claim, complaint or dispute concerning the prize shall be the responsibility of the relevant product supplier.
10. Participation in this voting activity means agreeing to participate and comply with the organizer's arrangements.
11. In case of any dispute, the organizer will make the final decision.
12. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms, the Chinese version shall prevail.